The goal of NA Chat is to provide a friendly chat environment for those in the grip of addiction. We ask that you please follow these guidelines to help us achieve that goal.


o       This is the fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous. Please keep the recovery   discussions centered around the program for the benefit of the newcomer.

o       We do not take part in any kind of "debate" about the program.

o       If there is just general chat going on in the room and a newcomer comes in, please re-direct the focus back to the  NA message in order to better serve the newcomer.

o       No harassment or threats of chatters. If a moderator is not in the room, place the chatter on ignore. When the moderator comes, back please tell the moderator about the harassment so appropriate actions can be taken if necessary.

o       Please do not mention specific drug names. There may be some chatter’s that may be triggered by the names. Remember, a drug is a drug. It does not matter what drug, or how much of the drug you used, only that you want to get clean.

o       Please keep the profanity to a minimum.

o       If you wish to private message (PM) someone please ask the person before doing so. If someone is saying inappropriate things to you, or is harassing you in a private message notify a moderator. We want everyone to feel comfortable and safe here.

o       Please do not give any medical advice.

o       Please do not post personal information such as phone numbers, addresses, email and such in open chat.

o       Please do not post any links that are not related directly to NA.

o       Please remember that who and what you see discussed here should keep in the practice of anonymity.




o       Moderators are trusted servants of NA.

o       Moderators are here to maintain a safe, friendly chat experience.

o       If you need to talk to a moderator in pm, please ask in the open room first.



NA Chat is hosted by the GeekShed IRC Network,

When you connect to the GeekShed Network, you agree to the following rules.
















 *Use of this site does not constitute an endorsement, implied or otherwise by Narcotics Anonymous World Services, Inc. This unofficial site is supported and maintained by grateful recovering addicts to serve other addicts - in order that no one need die from the horrors of addiction.  The NA symbol is a registered trademark of NAWS

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