The NA Chat IRC channel is set as a private/invisible channel. By doing this, the NA Chat channel is not considered public, therefore allowing us better anonymity. It is prohibited to post or relay conversation from this channel to other mediums without the permission of the channel owner.


o       In the practice of anonymity, we ask that who and what you see here stay here.

o       Please beware of posting any personal information.


Every now and then, the questions arise if people can see the IP address of another individual. Since GeekShed  IRC Network encrypt users’ IP addresses and hostmasks the short answer is no, other people can not see your IP address.

The long answer is the following:

The only people that can see a user’s IP address is the user, and network staff. Anyone else will see an encrypted version of the IP address, or an encrypted version of the hostname if the IP address was able to be resolved.


·                    Instead of seeing, other users will see :protectedhost-

·                    Instead of seeing, other users will see AD171E0.223C44F1.789AD83A.IP

Some users claim that they are able to see the IP address of other users. This is incorrect. What they are seeing is the IP address of the page they see when they try to visit a domain that does not resolve.







 *Use of this site does not constitute an endorsement, implied or otherwise by Narcotics Anonymous World Services, Inc. This unofficial site is supported and maintained by grateful recovering addicts to serve other addicts - in order that no one need die from the horrors of addiction.  The NA symbol is a registered trademark of NAWS

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